Military Society of


Male descendants of commissioned officers, enlisted personnel, aides de camp, and commanding officers of private armed vessels of the United States, the proper descendants of members heretofore duly admitted; and the proper descendants of original members in military societies formed prior to January 8, 1856, by men who served in the armies and navies of the United States in the War of 1812, and to hereditary members heretofore admitted in such military societies and their proper descendants and to the proper descendants of the veteran delegates to the national conventions of the soldiers of the War of 1812, held respectively in the City of Philadelphia on January 9, 1854, and in the City of Washington on January 8, 1855.

The Veteran Corps of Artillery

Constituting “The Military Society of the War of 1812”
Military Society War 1812 Application Process

  • An applicant is either proposed by a member by filling out the Society’s proposal form or an applicant may contact a member via US Mail or via the Internet.
    o A member may propose an applicant by completing the formal Proposal Form for Prospective Member which is sent via email to the Genealogist who then forwards it to the Membership Committee for approval or disapproval
    o If the Applicant is not known by a member a Proposal Form is emailed to the applicant by the Genealogist with a request to complete and send it back along with a resume or bio to the Genealogist. The Genealogist then forwards the materials to the Membership Committee for approval or disapproval.
    (Proposal Form attached)
  • If the Proposal Form is not approved the Membership Committee informs the Genealogist who in turn notifies the applicant.
  • If the Proposal Form is approved the Genealogist then sends an email to the applicant requesting the first year membership and administrative application fees ($235.00) ($75.00 first year membership and $160 administrative fees).
  • The Genealogist sets up the applicant’s contact information in the Society’s Roster.
  • Upon receipt of the fees the Genealogist then sends the Society’s Application Form and application requirement document. (See attached forms). The Genealogist then scans the check for the records and forwards the original check to the Treasurer to be processed.
  • Applicant then completes the application to conform to the requirements and emails Application form back to the Genealogist and simultaneously US Postal Service the proofs to the Genealogist.
  • The Genealogist reviews the Application Form against the proofs making sure that all information meets the Society’s requirements. The Genealogist either approves or contacts the applicant for further documents.
  • Once approved the Genealogist scans both the Application Form and proofs. He then forwards the documents to the Membership Committee for review and approval or disapproval by the Society’s Council of Administration at its next scheduled meeting.
  • Upon approval the Application, Secretary then sends a formal letter to the applicant confirming their Membership and the membership number. He also notifies the Genealogist who updates the Society’s Roster.

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